Judge grants defence request for lenient sentence because of Bryan Nathan West’s “mental frailty,” but warns him to co-operate with probation
Brandon Burley McLean, 24, of Fredericton, faces a charge of failing to comply with court order requiring him to register due to 2019 sexual assault
Everett Thomas Brooks, 38, of Fredericton, was found guilty after trial of inviting a minor to touch him for a sexual purpose
Brett Edward Francis, 42, set to go to trial next month on arson charge, but admitted to other charges Monday
Kyle Robert Douglas Oram, 34, was arrested repeatedly last year for break-ins, thefts, driving offences
Aaron Glen Narvey, 32, of Fredericton, exhibited volatile, erratic behaviour in court earlier this month, but was far more rational Wednesday
Leo Thomas Hartt, 41, of Swan Creek, was banned from driving when he crashed into a car last summer and took off on foot
33-year-old driver was the lone occupant of a vehicle that went off Nevers Road, Mounties report
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